Tory conference: Liz Truss will lose 45p tax rate vote, says Shapps
Tory conference: We must stay the course, insists Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng
Brexit: Steve Baker sorry over behaviour towards Ireland during talks
Ukraine war: Putin's annexation will fail, say Ukrainians at eastern front
Ground should have been laid for tax cuts - Truss
Tory conference: Labour favourites to win power at next election, says John Curtice
After chess, cheating rows rock poker and fishing
Indonesia: At least 125 dead in football stadium crush
Two men charged over alleged assault on Prince Andrew heckler
Mel B calls for more victim support at Tory conference
London Marathon 2022: Race attracts 42,000 participants
BBC blames 'technical glitches' for PM interview interruption

The Inquirer
Headlines offline
Linux kernel 6.0 debuts, Linus Torvalds teases ‘core new things’ coming in version 6.1
Steganography alert: Backdoor spyware stashed in Microsoft logo
BlackCat malware lashes out at US defense IT contractor
Text-to-image models are so last month, text-to-video is here
Gone in a day: Ethical hackers say it would take mere hours to empty your network
Fake vibrating teeth could make great hearing aids
Google delays execution of doomed Chrome extensions
As Hurricane Ian hits, FCC rules cell carriers must help each other in disasters
Google Cloud is super keen to keep certain customers on pricey Intel VMs
Apropos of nothing, US intel wants to improve low-dose radiation detection
China spins up giant battery built with US-patented tech
Japan 5G network tests Arm chips, claims power draw down by 72%
The rest of Intel Arc’s A700-series GPU prices: A750 lands Oct. 12 below $300
CDE 2.5 released
Google shuts down Stadia
IBM AIX for IA64 runs again
The MIPS ThinkPad, kind of
Anatomy of a PumpkinOS app
GNOME 43 released
Systemd support is now available in WSL
Hacking anything with GNU Guix
Microsoft releases Windows 11 22H2, formally dubbed the “2022 Update”
Upcyling a 40-year-old Tandy Model 100 Portable Computer
The Texas Instruments TMX 1795: the (almost) first, forgotten microprocessor
How to Install Foxit PDF Reader on Manjaro 21 Linux
How to Install Graylog 4 on Ubuntu 22.04
How to Install Steam on a Chromebook
Red Hat Advances Enterprise Linux with Improved Podman Containers
How to Install Audacity on Fedora 36 Linux
Excellent Utilities: CopyQ – advanced clipboard manager
Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) Beta Released with GNOME 43
Security-Oriented Distro Parrot 5.1 Arrives with Linux Kernel 5.18
Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” to Arrive on Christmas
How to Install FreeOffice on Linux Mint 21

Ars Technica
The weekend’s best deals: Apple MacBooks, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, 4K TVs, and more
Our ancestors ate a Paleo diet. It had carbs
The era of fast, cheap genome sequencing is here
Tesla shows off unfinished humanoid robot prototypes at AI Day 2022
COVID may have pushed a leading seasonal flu strain to extinction
Florida’s Space Coast on track after Ian, set for 3 launches in 3 days
Nintendoes what Valve don’t: Game barred from Steam will launch on Switch
YouTube age-restriction quagmire exposed by 78-minute Mega Man documentary [Updated]
Stadia controllers could become e-waste unless Google issues Bluetooth update
High-severity Microsoft Exchange 0-day under attack threatens 220,000 servers
USB-IF says goodbye to confusing SuperSpeed USB branding
Coroner lists Instagram algorithm as contributing cause of UK teen’s death [Updated]
September 2022 News Summary
PhotoDesk new release reviewed
Rougol September meeting
London Show 2022 is cancelled
RISC OS Direct Videos -6. Programming with BBC BASIC
PhotoDesk 3.17 released
WROCC Newsletter Volume 40:4
Dual booting RISC OS on your Raspberry Pi
WROCC's September talk will save you a few quid
First Impressions of The RISC OS Developments Network stack