Piers Morgan 'injected' information into Prince Harry stories, court told
El Niño planet-warming weather phase has begun
'Massive shift' in food shopping habits as prices soar
West Ham to hold Europa Conference League victory parade in East London
Banks accused of 'measly' interest rates on savings
Kerri-Anne Donaldson: Former Britain's Got Talent contestant dies aged 38
Lucy Letby: Babies died within 72 hours of nurse's text, jury told
Matt Hancock feared being pushed down tube escalator, court hears
Rammstein fan Shelby Lynn alleges she was groomed for sex
Misogyny helped jail a mother for 20 years - but science freed her
Prince Harry survives his courtroom high wire act
Sudan conflict: What to do with the dead bodies in Khartoum

The Inquirer
Headlines offline
Google puts $1M behind its promise to detect cryptomining malware
New York City latest to sue Hyundai and Kia claiming their cars are too easy to steal
Browser extension developers targeted with schemes and scams
MediaTek accused of setting 'patent troll' on rival, says it will defend itself
BT boss Jansen agrees to 'waive' future salary bumps
Microsoft says share the wealth with cyber-info for business
One small Leap for OpenSUSE as 15.5 arrives ahead of business sibling
UK government to set deadline for removal of Chinese surveillance cams
Scientists claim >99 percent identification rate of ChatGPT content
Sysadmin and IT ops jobs to slump, says IDC
Beijing proposes rules to stop Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks going rogue
Deepfakes being used in 'sextortion' scams, FBI warns
Windows 11’s latest endearing mess rigorously and wrongly enforces Britishisms
Chrome gets new mid-tier compiler: Maglev
Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit is Wine
Linux on the 7th generation of consoles: the Xbox 360
Apple reveals Vision Pro, available for $3,499 “early next year”
Apple unveils macOS Sonoma
This is the new Apple Silicon Mac Pro
Windows 11’s redesigned File Explorer leaks online, here’s our closer look
Red Hat stops packaging LibreOffice as RPM for RHEL and Fedora, suggests Flatpak instead
IceWM 3.4.0 released
ArcaOS 5.0.8 released
DESKTOP2: a graphical user interface for DOS
Install Google Web Designer on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 LTS Linux
Install Google Earth on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04: Complete Guide
openSUSE Leap 15.5 Brings KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS, Xfce 4.18
Users Can Now Take Advantage of Flathub’s New Documentation
OpenGL 3.1 Now Available in Asahi Linux, Boosting Graphics Performance
Firefox 115 Beta Brings Cookie Banner Reduction, Quick Actions in Address Bar
Debian 12-Based Armbian 23.05 Built for ARM, RISC-V
Meet Apache SeaTunnel, a new Top-Level Project
How to Fix ‘bash syntax error near unexpected token’ in Linux
10 Best Icon Themes for Ubuntu and Other Linux (2023 Edition)

Ars Technica
Mobile EV charging trailer to start trials at Dallas airport
Damning probes find Instagram is key link connecting pedophile rings
EV market share is growing because the vehicles keep getting better
Boeing hit with a lawsuit over alleged “theft” of SLS rocket tools
AI system devises first optimizations to sorting code in over a decade
Robocalls claiming voters would get “mandatory vaccines” result in $5M fine
New York’s air quality reaches “hazardous” level, by far the worst in the world
Autonomous Waymo car runs over dog in San Francisco
Reddit insists on being “fairly paid” amid API price protest plans, layoffs
Apple removes $99 dev account requirement for first iOS 17 and macOS 14 betas
Dozens of popular Minecraft mods found infected with Fracturiser malware
Pornhub attacks states for passing “unsafe” age-verification laws
WROCC June 2023 meeting - RISC OS and Macs
Using RISC OS with Macs
MUG and Coding on RISC OS meetups this saturday
RISCOSbits releases May ROM update for FAST machines
WROCC Newsletter Volume 41:2 reviewed
May 2023 News Summary
Drag'n'Drop 12i3 edition reviewed
WROCC Newsletter Volume 41:1 reviewed
Rougol May meeting - Paul Stone makes Archimedes live
Archimedes Live at ROUGOL May meeting