Haiti: Inside the capital city taken hostage by brutal gangs
Raheem Sterling leaves England World Cup squad after armed break-in at family home
Strep A: Penarth family traumatised by daughter's death
Flo, Cat Burns and Gabriels tipped as Sound Of 2023
RMT rejects offer aimed at stopping festive strikes
Brussels attacks: Trial begins over 2016 attacks that killed 32
Ukraine war: Oil prices rise as cap on Russian crude looms
EasyJet flight safely diverts to Prague after bomb threat
Iran to disband morality police amid ongoing protests, says attorney general
Nigerian student Aminu Adamu Mohammed apologises to Aisha Buhari over tweet
Cost of Living: How to have a Christmas party on a budget
Five ways to spend and waste less this Christmas

The Inquirer
Headlines offline
Square Kilometre Array Observatory construction commences
Programming error created billion-dollar mistake that made the coder ... a hero?
Remuneration coming for TrustCor customers impacted by CA revocation
Rackspace customers rage as email outage continues and migrations create migraines
Linux 6.1 gets an eighth release candidate and Linus Torvalds is OK with that
US ends case against Huawei CFO who holed up in Canada for three years
Microsoft hikes prices in India by up to eleven percent
OpenAI tweaks ChatGPT to avoid dangerous AI information
Rackspace rocked by ‘security incident’ that has taken out hosted Exchange services
After lunar orbit trip NASA's Orion capsule is on its way back home
US Air Force reveals B-21 Raider stealth bomber that'll fly the unfriendly skies
Datacenter switching surged everywhere except Europe last quarter
Samsung’s Android app-signing key has leaked, is being used to sign malware
Snap updates happen without user consent
Why we can’t trust Apple
Memory safe languages in Android 13
Secure Boot: this is not the protection we are looking for
Do not use services that hate the internet
Used thin client PCs are an unsexy, readily available Raspberry Pi alternative
Tales of the M1 GPU
Ubuntu Touch OTA-24 released for Ubuntu Phone users
The Internet Archive just put 565 Palm Pilot apps in your web browser
Meet your new two-factor authenticator: your Commodore 64
89 operating systems
What is Drupal?
Best Free and Open-Source Alternatives to Apple Stickies
How to Do a UDP Ping
Top 3 Free MS Paint Alternatives for Ubuntu and Other Linux
Mesa 22.3 Brings New Features, Support and Integration Options
Xfce’s Apps Update: Xfce 4.18 Preview, Plug-In Updates, and More
Proxmox Backup Server 2.3 Brings Essential Enhancements
Plasma Mobile Gear 22.11 Improvements for Linux Phones and Tablets
NixOS 22.11 Releases With GNOME 43, KDE Plasma 5.26, OpenSSL 3
How to Install OpenOffice in Ubuntu

Ars Technica
As the Arctic warms, beavers are moving in
How Chinese netizens swamped China’s Internet controls
Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data
OLED monitor selection is pathetic. 2023 can change that
Apple slices its AI image synthesis times in half with new Stable Diffusion fix
Samsung’s Android app-signing key has leaked, is being used to sign malware
Never-before-seen malware is nuking data in Russia’s courts and mayors’ offices
Report: Apple’s upcoming VR and AR operating system has a new name
FCC lets Starlink start deploying Gen2 satellites as Gen1 speeds keep falling
No, physicists didn’t make a real wormhole. What they did was still pretty cool
Ohio measles outbreak nearly triples, expected to last “several months”
PCI standards group deflects, assigns blame for melting GPU power connectors
RISC OS Users Xmas screenshots 2022 - Raik Fischer (Titanium)
RISC OS Users Xmas screenshots 2022 - Michael Grunditz
IrisRam speeds up Iris
Drag'n'Drop 12i1 reviewed
November 2022 News Summary
Informal get together for any interested RISC OS developers on Saturday night
Rougol November talk - Mark Moxon
Would you like to share your Desktop/setup for our Advent Calendar?
Mark Moxon is talking at Rougol on Monday
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