Lego A7000 Laptop

This is my third Lego case, and nearly four years since the last one. Since then I've been scouting around for a suitably small and flat monitor with which to build a laptop design. Luckily I found a suitable one at a computer fair (and then another of the same type off ebay when I broke the first). It is not that practical, rubbish 10 year old hardware, no battery, and you can't detach the PSU from the back for carrying it.



Photos of case, final design

The laptop

The LCD screen
heat vents

Loudspeaker grille
keyboard lights

The cables
never tidied

The OS

Photos of case, earlier model

The laptop

Power button
power light

Keyboard and
wrist rest

The handle

The work that
needs to be
done tidying
the cables

Design notes

The basis of the design is two 32x40 base sections with 2 wide bricks around the sides of the base. The height of each section was dictated by the height of the components, in the base the A7000 motherboard with the keyboard mounted above it, with a cradle to insulate the motherboard from the keyboard. In the monitor section the height is pretty much the smallest I could manage with the monitor.

There is a large amount of internal bracing, which attempts to make the top plate layer strong enough to rest your wrists on for typing.

The monitor proved to be quite tricky, it has 3 separate internal parts, the screen and decoder electronics, the power and brightness buttons on a separate board and the power connector on a separate board. I shorted out one monitor trying to fit it in the case, probably the power board hitting the back of the screen, so when I managed to get a second screen I used a large amount of insulating tape to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

The design of the top is Mondrian inspired, but it would be better with a white background.

Photos of internal construction