Chipset-Y is a system information program that attempts to determine what x86 chipset is in your PC. It queries the list of PCI devices in your machine and compares them to a list of known chipsets.

If Chipset-Y doesn't know about your chipset, you'll be prompted to upload your data to the website. Chipset-Y relies on the public submitting new chipsets and reporting innacuracies.

Chipset-Y screenshot


Chipset-Y runs on Windows (requiring .NET framework 2) and under Linux (under Mono framework, and uses 'lspci', /proc/cpuinfo and /sys/class/dmi for information).

Release Notes

0.11 (20140911)

Chipsets: 390

- Add in Intel Wildcar Point (H97 etc)

0.10 (20140401)

Chipsets: 387

- Display PCI device revisions in the UI

- Add in Intel Panther Point (Z75 etc), Lynx Point (Z85 etc), Patsburg (C600), C216, C22x, EG20T
- Add in AMD Fusion Controller Hub

0.09 (20110709)

Chipsets: 357

- Add in the remainder of the Intel Cougar Point chipsets (H61 etc)

0.08 (20110221)

Chipsets: 346

- Separate detection of AMD 770, 790X and 790FX
- AMD SB700/800 is also 710/750/810/850
- More specific AMD SB750/850 detected if chip is in RAID 5 mode
- Add NVIDIA C51 northbridge (used on various nForce 4/400/500 series)

0.07 (20110220)

Chipsets: 335

- Modify PCI scanning on Windows to only scan active devices,
  not previously installed ones.

0.06 (20110215)

Chipsets: 335

- Add ServerWorks GC-LE and CSB5
- Add Crusoe TM8000 and TM5400/5800 integrated northbridges
- Add Via PT880 Ultra/PT894
- Add Via P4M900/CN896/VN896
- Add another way to detect Via VT8251
- Intel US15W is a combo chip
- Add in NatSemi Geode GX2 and CS5536

0.05 (20110214)

Chipsets: 326

- Add AMD770/790 series
- Add ATI RS480 and SB400/450

0.04 (20110213)

Chipsets: 322

- Add a method of detecting chipsets that can be present in more
  than one style (north, south or combo)

- Fix for NVIDIA MCP51, MCP55 when present as combo chip
- Add in NVIDIA C55 and C73 northbridges

0.03 (20110207)

Chipsets: 309

- Change Intel ICH3-S to look for the LPC interface rather than
  PCI bridge, this prevents clashes with other ICH chips (e.g ICH7, ESB6***)
- Codename for Intel E7230/3000/3010 family, Mukilteo
- Codename for Intel E7221, Copper River
- Codename for Intel E7210 (875P), Canterwood

0.02 (20110206)

Chipsets: 309

Support the MONO platform under Linux
 - Relies on external program 'lspci'
 - Relies on /proc/cpuinfo
 - Relies on /sys/class/dmi tree of data

Added in a number of NVIDIA chipsets.
Added Via K8M890CE
Added another Via VT8237 id

0.01 (20110127)

Chipsets: 298

Initial public release.