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RISC OS Install Network Boot

Networking has been tested with RISC OS 3.71, 4.02, 4.19, 4.39, 6.20 and 5.24. Please report any other OSes that work (or not) to the RPCEmu Mailing List.

Install a !Boot with a network stack

On RISC OS, the network software is included inside the !Boot application, make sure you've got a suitably modern !Boot installed.

From version 0.9.1 of RPCEmu the following steps are no longer required
Install the 32-bit Shared C Library

The RPCEmu network driver requires the 32-bit Shared C Library. On all versions of RISC OS (other than 5.xx) this will need to be installed.

Visit (archive copy) and download and install the appropriate archive for your version of RISC OS.

Install the RPCEmu Network Driver

Your distribution of RPCEmu should have shipped with the following two directories inside HostFS in the 'Network' directory:

  • !System
  • Autosense

Install these by dragging them onto the existing directories of the same name inside !Boot.

Use the table the table below to help you locate the correct directories for your versions of RISC OS:

!System AutoSense
Universal Boot !Boot.Resources.!System !Boot.Resources.Configure.!InetSetup.AutoSense
RISC OS 4.02 !Boot.Resources.!System !Boot.Resources.Configure.!InetSetup.AutoSense
RISC OS 4.39 !Boot.Resources.!System !Boot.RO430Hook.Res.Configure.!NetSetup.!IFSetup.AutoSense
RISC OS 5.xx !Boot.Resources.!System !Boot.Resources.Configure.!InetSetup.AutoSense

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