General Information

Result of testing as of 2017-01-12

Currently the Interpretter version of RPCEmu works under OpenBSD but the Dynarec version does not.

The procedure for compiling is fairly simple

Once compiled check the User Manual for more information.

pkg_add -U allegro

  (See Note -->)

tar xvfz rpcemu-<version>.tar.gz
cd rpcemu-<version>/src

./configure --enable-debug


cd ..
Install the project dependancies, the allegro library

You need to run this command as 'root'

Return to running as a regular user (not root) to
compile the source.

Decompress the Source

Choose the options you want (listed above) and this
will prepare the program for compilation. 

Compile the program

Run the program, which will exit due to missing a
ROM image, check here for more details. Install a
ROM image, re-run and RISC OS should be