RPCEmu requires a ROM image (a copy of the Operating System ROM) to work.


RISC OS VersionInterpretedRecompilerNotes
3.1 and earlierIncompatible with RPCEmu and real Risc PC/A7000 hardware
3.50YYNo ARM710, ARM7500, ARM7500FE or StrongARM processor support. [1]
3.60YYNo ARM7500FE or StrongARM processor support. [1]
3.70YYNo ARM7500FE processor support. [1]
4.29 (Select 1i9)YY 
4.33 (Select 2i3)YY 
4.37 (Select 3i2)YY 
4.37 (Select 3i3)YY 
4.39 (Select 3i4)YY 
6.02 (Select 4i1)YY 
6.06 (Select 4i2)YY 
6.06 (Select 4i3)YY 
6.10 (Select 4i4)YY 
6.14 (Select 5i1)YY 
6.16 (Select 5i2)YY 
6.20 (Select 6i1)YY 
5.22YYROOL ROM has some issues.
Please see this guide for more information.

[1] OS limitation, not RPCEmu limitation.

Additionally versions of 3.80 and 4.00 (internal Pace versions) work, but are very uncommon.

Note: RISC OS Select ROM image files are not usable directly as they are compressed. To use them please boot them and use the 'Extract from a running RISC OS machine' instructions below. Alternative if you have a linux machine, use this method to decompress them.

bash> tail -c +21 Select.rom > Select.Z
bash> uncompress Select.Z

The only acceptable sizes for ROM images (in total) are 2MB, 4MB and 6MB. Additionally 8MB ROMs will be accepted, but no known ROMs are this size so therefore none have been tested.


Binary downloads

Binary copies of RISC OS ROM images may be available from the following sites.

Extract from running RISC OS machine

You can extract a ROM image from a running RISC OS machine using the following commands from a command prompt or task window.

*save rom1 3800000 3900000
*save rom2 3900000 3a00000
*save rom3 3a00000 3b00000
*save rom4 3b00000 3c00000
*save rom 3800000 3c00000

This will save 4 megabytes of ROM, later versions of RISC OS Select are 6 megabytes in size, so need to be saved differently.

*save rom1 3800000 3900000
*save rom2 3900000 3a00000
*save rom3 3a00000 3b00000
*save rom4 3b00000 3c00000
*save rom5 3c00000 3d00000
*save rom6 3d00000 3e00000
*save rom 3800000 3e00000


These files should then be copied to the machine running RPCEmu and placed in the 'roms' directory.

Appendix A: RISC OS Hardware compatability

  RiscPC ARM610 RiscPC ARM710 RiscPC StrongARM A7000 A7000+
RISC OS 3.1 or earlier Incompatible with RPCEmu
RISC OS 3.50 Y        
RISC OS 3.60 Y Y   Y  
RISC OS 3.70 Y Y Y Y  
RISC OS 3.71 Y Y Y Y Y
RISC OS 4.02 Onwards Should be compatible with all hardware.

Appendix B: RISC OS Version to Select Version Number

ROSelectApprox Date
4.291i9Apr 2002
4.332i3Nov 2002
4.373i2Aug 2003
4.373i3Sept 2003
4.393i4Apr 2004
6.024i1 (Preview Release 3)Nov 2006
6.064i2May 2007
6.064i3 (disk based updates)Oct 2007
6.104i4Apr 2008
6.145i1Dec 2008
6.165i2Apr 2009
6.206i1Dec 2009