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Linux Binary Configuration

Under Linux RPCEmu requires 'root' access to be granted to the binary. This is needed for its communication with the TAP network device.

RPCEmu will drop these privileges after it has done the required connection to the TAP network device, and as such will run with normal user privileges after that to enhance security. It will refuse to run if the privileges cannot be dropped.

Because the root priviledges are dropped, if you reset the emulator then networking will not work (because at the time of reset you no longer have root privileges). As such quit RPCEmu and restart it instead.

There are two methods you can use: run the binary with the 'sudo' command (recommended) or change the owner of the 'rpcemu' binary to 'root'.

sudo method

When running the binary use the sudo command:

sudo ./rpcemu

This method will automatically drop back to the user's privileges who ran RPCEmu (SUDO_USER).

chown method

With root level priviledges run the following commands:

chown root rpcemu
chmod u+s rpcemu

Edit rpc.cfg and add your username to the file; the username is the user the program will return to running under once it has finished setting up the networking.

Add a line to rpc.cfg in the following format:

username = <your standard username>


username = peter

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