RISC OS 2 Kernel Source Code

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RISC OS 2.00 was released by Acorn Computers in October 1988 for their Acorn Archimedes machines.

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RISC OS development has continued to the present day. The latest version, RISC OS 5, is also open source and runs on a range of modern ARM systems, including the Raspberry Pi. If you would like to know more or help in development visit the RISC OS Open website and forums. Also check out the news from RISC OS Developments who own RISC OS 5 and released it under an open source license.

Questions and Answers

Is it all of RISC OS 2?

No, it's just the kernel, the core of the OS. It does not have the source to any of the modules including the desktop modules.

What language is the code written in?

ARM assembler, in particular the AASM variant.

Do you have (other piece of historic code)?

At the moment no, this is the only release. If however you have other pieces of historic code please feel free to contact me as it may be possible to release it.