RPCEmu Networking Guide


RPCEmu supports the use of Networking in RISC OS.

Configuring networking is fairly involved and more complex than configuring other aspects of RPCEmu.

You will need these prerequisites before you start to follow this guide.

There are two types of networking available.

Here are network overviews of how each type of networking appears to other machines on the network, using the example of a simple home network.

networking diagram

Throughout the documentation we'll be using the settings required by these example networks. You may well need to alter these values based on the settings of your own network.

You generally need to follow four steps to get networking working, which vary according to Host Operating System.

  1. Prepare the OS, install any extra drivers/software, configure the networking route.
  2. Configure RPCEmu
  3. Install the network driver in RISC OS
  4. Configure networking in RISC OS


Windows Ethernet Bridging Linux IP Tunnelling
Windows configuration Linux binary configuration
Linux configuration (IP Tunnelling)
RISC OS Install Network Boot RISC OS Install Network Boot
RISC OS Configuration - Ethernet Bridging RISC OS Configuration - IP Tunnelling

Contributors: Peter Howkins, Dick Tanis, Tom Hughes