Note: on Ubuntu 16.10 or newer you will need to run the configure program in a different manner.

CFLAGS=-no-pie ./configure <your configure options>

General Information

RPCEmu should compile on a wide variety of Linux distributions and other UNIX/UNIXlike operating systems. It's dependancies are not particulaly large.

The procedure for compiling is fairly simple

Once compiled check the User Manual for more information.

An example compilation based on Ubuntu 10.04

This is an anotated example of how to install on a popular platform, but the commands will be identical, or nearly identical on a huge range of systems.

sudo synaptic

  (See Note -->)

tar xvfz rpcemu-<version>.tar.gz
cd rpcemu-<version>/src

  or (for example)
./configure --enable-dynarec --enable-debug


cd ..
Install the project dependancies, this is the part
that varies the most between Linux distributions
and other OSes. Run the Ubuntu package manager
(with root priveledges), and install the following
packages (and their dependancies),

Return to running as a regular user (not root) to
compile the source.

Decompress the Source

Choose the options you want (listed above) and this
will prepare the program for compilation. 

Compile the program

Run the program, which will exit due to missing a
ROM image, check here for more details. Install a
ROM image, re-run and RISC OS should be